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      我阅读!三只小猪 I Read! The Three Little Pigs(英文版)

      8.8 ( 65个评分 )

      BookDNA漫画绘本书系—— 我阅读!三只小猪 I Read! The Three Little Pigs
      This series was designed specifically to help beginner readers learn to read. The well-known stories, exciting artwork and repetitive text ensure a successful first independent read!
      Dale Blankenaar graduated from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 2007 with a national diploma in graphic design. He majored in illustration and advertising and was mentored by Piet Grobler. After graduation he worked as a freelance designer for a year and during that time illustrated his first book . He then began working as a promotions designer at Conde Nast Independent Magazines (PTY) LTD, and continues to work as a freelance illustrator of children’s books





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